Habitas Membership

The global HABITAS Family has been growing through shared experiences over the last three years. Membership has been created in service of this incredible group of humans we are proud to call our chosen family.

HABITAS Membership is supported by a diverse community with common values and a positive outlook.

Membership includes:

Clubhouses in the cities where we live, travel and work. Now opening in New York and Venice Beach. And soon – around the world.

Use our Hotels around the world like a home – from Tulum and Malibu – to a secluded Island in the Bahamas and our wildlife refuge in Namibia.

A calendar of intimate trips throughout the year where we search for undiscovered worlds.

Enjoy a Friday dinner in NYC, an intimate concert in Venice Beach, an adventure to the Galapagos, a retreat to one of our Homes or just stop by any of the clubhouses or events around the world.

Participation in membership supports the work of Rise – our projects that preserve the environment and support those who need it most.

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