12 / 27 / 17 - 01 / 03 / 18

7 Sunsets, New Years Sunrise


We are ready for you arrival and are preparing for the most inspiring New Year’s Eve experience to date. We are ready to plant a seed within all of you that will elevate our community to new heights, bringing us closer to each other and to our own individual goals.Just imagine what a year in preparation will have in store for us all.

We have never been this excited to welcome you home.

You’ve come to know the pillars of every Habitas gathering which are now the pillars of every home we are set to build. True human connection is best accomplished when we let our guards down, when we nourish one another with genuine intentions and when we surrender to revelations that we never knew were possible. We will dance, we will enjoy lavish family dinners, we will be pushed to our limits physically and emotionally and we will reminded of the essence of life, our most sought after luxury.

As always, we will reveal as little as possible and we will rely on your trust.

New Year’s Eve will be a concentration of everything we have discovered here this year. We have had time to test countless adventures and have collected the best to share, but our home in Tulum will continue passed our NYE week with mind blowing programming during the rest of the high season.

Join us from December 27th to January 3rd.  Your key purchase for HABITAS | TULUM | NYE covers everything from your accommodations and meals to massages, juice and mezcal. All you’ll need to pack is your trust and best intention. A thoughtfully curated adventure awaits, and is sure to leave you inspired.


The human element, first and foremost, is at the core of everything Habitas: the smiles shared, stories told, and the connections forged are at the foundation, and guide us through as the underlying sense of purpose. Thoughtful curation activates the 5 senses while keeping the participants engaged and present throughout the duration of the entire experience. The food we savour, the music which moves us, and the visuals surprising us at every turn are what make this experience complete.


There is something extraordinary that occurs when you place a likeminded community in an environment full of just the right amount of care and attention to detail. This detail extends beyond the space and through every moment of this experience as everything is cared for and taken care of for you. Everything.

• Adventure

• Exploration

• Music

• Health

• Wellness

• Food

• Conversation

• Community


Welcome Home. Stay connected to the elements, without compromising comfort and safety. This new and elevated iteration of our accommodations will transport you to a wilderness that’s tamed and molded for our community.

Natural palapa roofs, canvas walls and fine linens are set seamlessly in the oceanside jungles of Tulum, beside the crashing waves of the Caribbean. Each HABITAS Home provides at least 500 square feet of private space, and creates the perfect environment for relaxation and reflection. Oceanfront, courtyard, and jungle options available.

Our Homes are unique Habitas creations equipped with all the comforts we seek. Fully furnished with everything you need to feel at home. Private bathrooms and showers, air conditioning and king sized beds. Wifi provided in your room and throughout, but you won’t need it.

All inclusive. All encompassing

Surprise and wonder are paramount to this experience. We ask that you trust us fully and wholeheartedly. We have it all covered. All you need to do is bring and live your best intention. We are in for a beautiful journey together.

Without revealing the details below, we aim to go beyond expectations.

• Music: Daily sunset sessions & guest artists

• Food & Beverage: 24/7 organic seasonal menus prepared daily by our onsite chefs in the beach lounge and bar.

• Wellness: Spa services, massages, daily yoga, and quite a few surprises.

• Activities: Off-site excursions are planned and will be available through our on-site adventures director.

• Events: This journey will take us outside of our home exploring and experiencing different places beyond words.

• New Year’s Eve: Imagine a New Year’s Eve, perfectly planned and curated to perfection bringing us all together to ring in 2018 and enjoy a blissful sunrise to welcome the new year.

From $3500.00 / per person



Your key purchase is for the HABITAS | NYE TULUM experience in its entirety. The event is all inclusive and all encompassing: 24/7 food & beverage, all programming and activities, on-site wellness, and many other features waiting for you to explore on your arrival – we’ve got a several surprises planned which will only be revealed upon arrival.

You are responsible for your round trip transportation to and from the location, however once you arrive, everything is taken care of for you within the scope of the event.

Habitas is a private event and is accessible ONLY to those who have have a key.

If you would like to invite a friend to join us and obtain a key, please share: http://ourhabitas.com/join-us

All key purchases are final and are non-refundable. Under some circumstances, a key purchase may be transferable to someone else within the community.

The property is located on the beach and away from the city. There is usually cell service throughout Tulum, although often spotty. WiFi will be available throughout the property as well as in the casitas and tent suites

You must be 21 years of age, or older to participate and join us. Given the nature of our event and the programming, this event is not for minors.

Pets are not allowed on the property for the duration of our event.

Although our event takes place during the best time of year in Tulum, there may be bugs and/or mosquitoes as we are guests in their natural environment. Natural insect repellents will be placed throughout the property as a preventative measure.


There is always a noticeable and beautiful magic to be appreciated when everyone participates in the event together, in its entirety, from start to finish. As with every Habitas, this journey is immersive and we request that everyone arrives and leaves together, however exceptions can be made.

Considering the time of year, and the travel required, we will accommodate and allow late arrivals +/- 1 day. If you do plan on arriving as late as December 28th, please let us know when making your key purchase so that we can plan for your arrival.

Regardless of your arrival date, the cost of the key purchase remains the same.

The nearest international major airport is in Cancun, Mexico (CUN), and Tulum is approximately a 1.5 hour drive away.

Taxis, car rentals*, and transfer shuttles into Tulum are available through various 3rd parties. There are several service options from the airport, however due to the time of year, advanced reservations are highly advised.

Please contact the front desk at Habitas Tulum to assist with all airport transfers:  frontdesk@habitastulum.com


*Generally, we do not recommend car rental as your car will likely be parked for the duration of the event and parking may be limited due to the time of year. We will be providing all transportation for any off-site excursions if required.

Check-in opens at 3:00 PM on December 27th

Check-out is at 11:00 AM on January 3rd

Positioned on a secluded beach near the Mayan ruins, Habitas Tulum is easily accessible via the city’s main roads and is a two hour drive south from the Cancun airport.

Address: Carretera Tulum-Boscapaila Km. 4.0, Quintana Roo,

Map: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Habitas


We do our best to be conscious of everyone’s needs when it comes to our food & beverage offering in order to provide a range of options. If you have specific dietary restrictions you feel are worth noting, please let us know in advance and we’ll be happy to address them.

Our wonderful kitchen team have created a beautiful and healthy menu consisting of 3 distinct meal times per day, and 24/7 delightful snacks in-between.