10 / 27 / 2017 - 10 / 29 / 2017

Upstate New York

Halloween is a particular time of year. For some it’s an excuse to dress up and party. For children it’s a time to be silly. For some cultures it’s a time to honor the dead. For us, it represents an opportunity not only to reconnect with each other, but to create something that brings all the different traditions we’ve experienced together into our, shall we say...unique form of gathering.

Sunset, Friday October 27th to Sunday October 29th 


Join us for An Adventure in Mohican Forests
at The Dutchess in Rhinebeck, NY. 


This weekend is free of cost. Be our guest. We take care of absolutely everything. All that is required is your trust, presence, and a commitment to the act of creation in each moment. Thank you to each of you who have helped us bring a vision to life. New York, has become a second home now and it’s time to share our New York with you.


RSVP Limited to 70 guests 

Accommodations consists of varied lodging allocations. Trust us.

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The event is all inclusive and all encompassing: 24/7 food & beverage, all programming and activities, on-site wellness, and many other features waiting for you to explore on your arrival – we’ve got a several surprises planned which will only be revealed upon arrival.

You are responsible for your round trip transportation to and from the location in Rhinebeck, New York, however once you arrive, everything is taken care of for you within the scope of the event.

Habitas is a private event and is accessible ONLY to those who have been confirmed.

If you would like to invite a friend to join us, please share: http://ourhabitas.com/join-us

There is usually cell service at this property, although often spotty. WiFi will be available throughout the property.

Pets are not allowed on the property for the duration of our event.

Check-in opens at 6:00 PM on Friday October 27th
Check-out is at 2:00 PM on Sunday October 29th

We do our best to be conscious of everyone’s needs when it comes to our food & beverage offering in order to provide a range of options. If you have specific dietary restrictions you feel are worth noting, please let us know in advance and we’ll be happy to address them.