Concert Series | Faena Festival For Art Basel
Dec 9, 2018 - Dec 9, 2018


The Habitas Concert Series seeks out spaces in which self-expression, rediscovery and human connection can prosper, adapting itself to each environment. Each concert is uniquely its own; it is never the same experience twice. Habitas’ concerts span the corners of our planet, in constant search for the next location to call home.

Where music, art and culture collide, HABITAS is present; observing, absorbing and contributing through sensory musical activations designed to fully inspire.

On the closing night of Art Basel 2018 and The Faena Festival, Mardeleva will activate the Faena Forum, a space dedicated to showcasing groundbreaking works in fields from art, and entertainment and beyond.

This distinctive Habitas Concert Series will honor the power of transformational design, lending itself to the environment and audience with which it will tell yet another story of how music and intention can unite us all.

We are honored to curate this experience alongside our family at Faena Hotels, who have so warmly welcomed us into their home. Our vision, like theirs, seeks to pave the way for a world nurtured by purpose and intention.


This very unique trio of music, souls and minds, is Eduardo Castillo's new LIVE project. Eager to expand and build on his musical reach and scope, Eduardo, has brought these very talented friends and multi-instrumentalist musicians together to explore the potential of each of their own immense talents, only to realize, when playing and listening as a group, a very powerful force came alive. Influenced by sounds and music of all reaches of the planet, and Eduardo Castillo's decades of electronic music exploration, the frequencies that are produced by this very unique troupe of musicians, are truly on another level of performance and experience.

Doors will open at 8p and close at 9p, please note there will be no entry allowed post doors closing.

**This event operates on first come first serve basis & guest list only. Please note, we have a limited capacity and therefore we advise you arrive early to secure your spot.**


Faena Forum

3300-3398 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33