Concert Series ft. Mardeleva | LA
Mar 9, 2019 - Mar 9, 2019

We are in a dream.

Mockingbirds fly overhead; a symphony of wings scrape against inky clouds. The moon hangs from its invisible post in the night sky. Its light turns everything it touches blue.

Like the birds, we fly against the moon, enveloped by song. Shoulder to shoulder, clusters of buildings glow like lanterns. The entire twinkling city of Los Angeles sprawling below us, limitless.

Join us for our Habitas | Concert Series in Los Angeles. We'll meet near downtown LA, and from there make our way to experience this intimate concert featuring Mardeleva. This experience is inclusive of beverages.

About Mardeleva

This unique trio of music, souls, and minds is Eduardo Castillo's new LIVE project. A natural extension of his decades-long exploration of electronic music, Eduardo brought these talented friends and multi-instrumentalists to explore their immense talents together. It became instantly clear they weren't only playing together; they were listening, creating a beautiful dialogue. It was then a powerful force came alive. Inspired by sounds and music from the furthest reaches of the planet, the frequencies this group produces elevate the performance experience to soul-stirring heights.