Habitas Concert Series ft. Mardeleva | Faena Theater | Miami
Mar 31, 2019 - Mar 31, 2019

Neon lights streak the night sky every color of the imagination. Just steps from the ocean, secluded from the hustle of Magic City, a new sound is gathering. Let the chandelier rattle; new voices are rising. Together, we’re creating a song of our own. This distinctive Habitas Concert Series will honor the power of transformational design and its ability to tell the story of how music and intention can unite us all.


We invite you to take part in the Mardeleva experience. This unique trio of music, souls, and minds is Eduardo Castillo's new live project. A natural extension of his decades-long exploration of electronic music, Eduardo brought these talented friends and multi-instrumentalists to explore their immense talents together. It became instantly clear they weren't only playing together; they were listening, creating a beautiful dialogue. It was then a powerful force came alive. Inspired by sounds and music from the furthest reaches of the planet, the frequencies this group produces elevate the performance experience to soul-stirring heights.


To celebrate the heightened experience of Miami Music Week, we will gather at the Faena Theater. There, inside this jewel box, we will revel in Old Hollywood glamour, set against a red velvet backdrop. Faena Theater is a space dedicated to showcasing the world's most groundbreaking works of art and entertainment. It is an honor to curate this experience alongside our family at Faena Hotels who have so warmly welcomed us into their home. Our vision, like theirs, is paving the way for a world nurtured by purpose and intention.

Presented in partnership with Faena Hotels, this event will benefit Faena Art, a nonprofit organization that houses and produces post-disciplinary and time-based experiences throughout Miami, Buenos Aires and beyond.

Watch the Concert Series | Art Basel recap video here.


Doors open: 9:00pm

Doors close: 10:00pm

There is something beautiful about beginning and ending an experience together; this is why we have a strict door policy


All ticket purchases are final and non-refundable.