Courage To Question: VR Screening | NY
Apr 23, 2019 - Apr 23, 2019

“When you see a face, you see another human being. That’s what changes things.”

- Alice Marie Johnson, activist


We invite you to join us at our NYC Clubhouse for a screening of A Courage To Question, a virtual reality film series.

A Malawian Chief. The Secretary General of the All India Dalit Women’s Rights Platform. A journalist from Mexico. A mother from Memphis, sentenced to life without parole for a non-violent offense.

What do these four women have in common? Each has dedicated themselves to promoting justice, empowerment and gender equality for women all over the world. From prison reform to child marriage, the fight against human trafficking and caste-discrimination, these women are fearlessly breaking boundaries. Together, they have risked their lives to provide access to education, legal assistance, fair labor, health services, and trauma relief.

Habitas member and the film’s Director Megan Sullivan has partnered with UN Women and Google to produce four stunning explorations of these women’s stories using the latest in VR technology. What started as a project to promote Internation Women’s Day has since grown as a rallying cry for gender equality. Join us for a media experience like no other, where we’ll explore the lives of Chief Theresa Kachinadamoto, Lydia Cacho, Asha Kowtal and Alice Marie Johnson. Each short film takes you directly inside their stories. Following the screening, we’ll engage in a panel with the director that will take us behind-the-scenes of this moving series.