HABITAS | Yacht Club
Jul 1, 2018 - Jul 1, 2018

Welcome aboard:  What began as an adventure off the coast of Cancun, where we gathered 150 wild souls, has transformed into a multi-city celebration of our inner child, now traversing new bodies of water.  With one of our favorite skylines as the backdrop, we invite you to surrender to that playful, careless and mischievous version of yourself, leaving all of your worries behind on the mainland.  Grab a friend, climb up to the top deck and revel in the freedom of these long summer days – the heat, music and company serving as the perfect soundtrack for an afternoon of child-like fun. This is a gathering for our music-loving, laughter-seeking and adrenaline-chasing family. 

What to bring:

- Sailing outfits 

- Open Minds and open hearts

No Adults Allowed.

Music by:

Eduardo Castillo


Tickets are all inclusive.