HABITAS Concert Series | Mykonos | MARDELEVA
Aug 10, 2018 - Aug 10, 2018

HABITAS Concert Series always seeks new spaces, new contexts to breath and grow through music.

We craft sound into landscapes the way light fills a distant vista. Every new panorama is a new opportunity to make something breathtaking. Mardeleva’s next journey takes us to the Grecian shores of Mykonos.

We welcome the Habitas community to join our members by purchasing a day pass to our Habitas pop-up clubhouse in those emerald blue waters.

Become one with your surroundings in our beautifully appointed space, enjoying the services of the inspiring villa we’ll inhabit. By day, we’ll be transported through rhythm by our guest DJ’s. When the sun sets, Mardeleva will fill the night, summoning sound and visuals designed to bring our special family together under the stars, celebrating the universe of connection we share.


This very unique trio of music, souls and minds, is Eduardo Castillo's new LIVE project. Eager to expand and build on his musical reach and scope, Eduardo, has brought these very talented friends and multi-instrumentalist musicians together to explore the potential of each of their own immense talents, only to realize, when playing and listening as a group, a very powerful force came alive. Influenced by sounds and music of all reaches of the planet, and Eduardo Castillo's decades of electronic music exploration, the frequencies that are produced by this very unique troupe of musicians, are truly on another level of performance and experience.

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