MASA Tour | Mexico City
May 11, 2019 - May 11, 2019

What does it mean to be “from somewhere?” Masa is a nomadic project offering space for the discourse of design. Named for the cornmeal that functions as the lifeblood of Mexican culture, sustaining millions, founders Héctor Esrawe, Cristobal Riestra, Agé Salajõe and Brian Thoreen have created a space to celebrate the intersection of art and design. In February 2019, they premiered the “Collective / Collectible” exhibition which seeks to explore the idea of indigeneity as it pertains to Mexican artists, both native to the country and inspired by it. Artists like Cuban-born Ana Mendieta lived her life primarily in New York, and yet it was Oaxaca that left the most indelible print on her work with her “Silueta” series, where she traced impressions of her body in Mexico’s soil. The exhibition blends the contemporary with the historical, featuring works by the LANZA Atelier and EWE Studio, along with luminaries like Andre Breton and Diego Rivera.