Plant Medicine & Sound Bath | LA
Feb 15, 2019 - Feb 15, 2019

Rituals are at the core of meditative practices. Still woven into contemporary society, ancient traditions to balance energy, mind and spirit are our link to the past, grounding us in the present. Kassia Meador will lead us through this journey of self-discovery during a house-wide sound bath in our Venice clubhouse, followed by a conversation with Giles Hayward, founder of Torii Labs. Torii Labs seeks natural solutions to help us perform, be and feel our best without eroding our longtime health and vitality. Their essential oils use sustainably sourced ingredients, so no quality is comprised in the process. We will focus on plant medicine as the latest subject in our series of wellness conversations.

Time: 6-9p

Address: 1107 Abbot Kinney, Los Angeles CA 90219