Sensual Touchpoint | NY
Feb 14, 2019 - Feb 14, 2019

When we set boundaries and honor our inner voice, we strengthen muscles that allow us to practice self-love. While unique to our individuality, this process draws power when we let our guard down in safe spaces. Starielle Hope Newman is a relationship and intimacy coach, experienced in teaching communication techniques like eye-gazing and breathwork to expand our emotional, physical and erotic planes.

Using energy, breath, and touch, we will explore the art of connection through profound yet straightforward exercises inviting us to surrender to the here and now. Our workshop will begin with cocktails and light banter, before delving deep into ourselves. Once complete, we will developed a unique skill set for achieving deeper intimacy with others in our lives.

Time: 7:30-9:30p

Address: 240 W 30th Street, New York NY 10001