The Music of Plants | LA
Mar 28, 2019 - Mar 28, 2019

What if houseplants were able to communicate with us? The creative minds behind the zero-waste record label Data Garden have created Midi Sprout, inspired by the generative works of Brian Eno. This device enables plants to create their own ambient music. Using biofeedback, a way of transporting the electric impulses of plants into MIDI, the sensors placed on the surface of plants produce a beautiful, soothing sound. The effect is utterly beguiling in person.

The creators of Midi Sprout will visit our Venice Clubhouse to guide us in this exploration of sound and plant consciousness. Together we’ll experience a special tea ceremony, music stations, and guided meditation, sure to forever alter the way we view the natural world around us. Soon, we’ll be joining Data Garden at Art With Me, Tulum’s first Arts & Culture Festival, where they will be featured as one of the main installation artists at our home.

Time: 7-10p