The Twelve Screening | LA
Apr 8, 2019 - Apr 8, 2019

This is a tale of long-forgotten wisdom and interconnectedness. It is a story of hope and concern for the future of humankind. When twelve indigenous Elders from around the world were invited by the United Nations in New York to share their messages for the world, they wove a powerful narrative of how to live in harmony with each other and our beautiful planet. Their experiences and interviews were to create a documentary called “The Twelve.

In partnership with Habitas Rise, we invite you to experience a special viewing of the film at our firehouse in NYC. Afterward, we’ll take part in an interactive panel with the film’s directors and producers, and explore the impact of climate change and the insight of elders from Siberia, the Amazon, Botswanan Desert and more.


About The Filmmakers

Lucy Martens

Co-director of The Twelve, and Co-founder of Le Ciel Foundation

With a passion for building bridges through filmmaking, Lucy has followed lives and captured voices from all corners of the world. As a cinematographer, director, and editor of documentaries and NGO films, her work has been broadcast on the BBC, PBS, ARTE, Netflix and CNN. She shoots and edits films for the United Nations, the World Food Programme, and Ripple Effect Images.

 Olivier Girard

Co-director of The Twelve, and Co-founder of Le Ciel Foundation

With an accumulated 22 years expertise in marketing, illustration, design and music production, Olivier’s drive is to help create global positive change in this lifetime. Olivier has helped manage and produce multiple projects ranging from video games, music albums, digital arts and animation films to websites or overall global image for brands.

Sophie Monpeyssen

Co-founder and Associate Producer of The Twelve

A multi-graduate expert of the mind and body, creator of the French Federation of Pilates, Sophie leads her life solely from the heart, trying to embody the values and qualities she feels would bring balance and harmony to the world. Co-founding Le Ciel Foundation enables her to spread her deepest convictions.

Peter Giblin

Co-founder and Associate Producer of The Twelve

A graduate of Yale and co-curator of international conferences, Peter is convinced that an optimal future for all rests in the union of ancient wisdom with modern technology and scalability. This inspired him to co-found Le Ciel Foundation.