Wim Hof With Tim Van Der Vliet | NY
Feb 23, 2019 - Feb 23, 2019

What if we could reduce stress, increase our energy and enhance our creativity through the simple act of breathing? According to Wim Hof, better known as “The Iceman”, it can.

By combining three essential components — cold therapy, breathing and commitment — we can unlock the multitude of health benefits for a long, happy life. Tim van der Vliet, personally trained by Wim Hof himself in techniques to master the mind-body connection, will guide us through this method practice in our NY clubhouse. The author and hedge fund strategist will teach us how to control our inner world in only 10 minutes per day.

In proper Wim Hof style, we will participate in a collective ice bath before embarking on a journey of mental and physical freedom. Forever a student, Tim’s methods are continually subject to new fine-tuning and modifications and incorporated into his teachings.

Time: 2-7p

Address: 240 W 30th Street, New York NY 10001