Every journey is a story worth sharing. Our stories define us, inspire us, and unite us. Through storytelling, we create new opportunities for conversation, connection, and change.
Indigenous Leaders: What is Their Message to the World?
From The Doors Photographer to Psychologist and Spiritual Educator: An Interview with Bobby Klein
Our Guide to Mexico City
Habitas Insider's Guide to Mexico City
Breaking up with Plastic
Our Members: Megan Sullivan
Under Mardeleva's Spell
This past Saturday, 250 people gathered in New York’s oldest surviving synagogue to experience the intimate musical journey of Mardeleva.
The Otherworldly Delights of Art With Me
Mirrors adjusted, helmet securely fastened, I feel like the heroine of a novel that’s yet to be written.
Our Members: Manny Panther
Pro footballer, entrepreneur and Habitas member Manny Panther can do anything he sets his mind to.
What To Cook Right Now With Jared Joe
As the sun cuts across the Northern Hemisphere and daylight returns to us, we look for recipes to keep us warm while reviving the spirit.
Return To Havana
Cuba was a romantic image in my mind. It is the place my grandparents grew up, and I wanted to go to connect with my Cuban roots—a part of me that always felt like a big question mark.
Igniting Deeper Human Connection in Uganda
Amidst the humid madness that is Art Basel, Miami’s Cadillac Hotel was transformed for one evening into an intimate respite. Over forty members of Habitas assembled to take in live painting, music, and spark conversation. They gathered for one common purpose: Habitas RISE.
The Sounds of Bali: Music in Technicolor
In Bali, where ceremony is a pillar of cultural life, gamelan is its most steadfast, beating heart.