Every journey is a story worth sharing. Our stories define us, inspire us, and unite us. Through storytelling, we create new opportunities for conversation, connection, and change.
What To Cook Right Now With Jared Joe
As the sun cuts across the Northern Hemisphere and daylight returns to us, we look for recipes to keep us warm while reviving the spirit.
Return To Havana
Cuba was a romantic image in my mind. It is the place my grandparents grew up, and I wanted to go to connect with my Cuban roots—a part of me that always felt like a big question mark.
Igniting Deeper Human Connection in Uganda
Amidst the humid madness that is Art Basel, Miami’s Cadillac Hotel was transformed for one evening into an intimate respite. Over forty members of Habitas assembled to take in live painting, music, and spark conversation. They gathered for one common purpose: Habitas RISE.
The Sounds of Bali: Music in Technicolor
In Bali, where ceremony is a pillar of cultural life, gamelan is its most steadfast, beating heart.
Our Members: Cecilia Pagkalinawan
Habitas member Cecilia Pagkalinawan is a woman of many talents. Startup founder, CEO and philanthropic entrepreneur are just a few of the many hats she wears on a daily basis.
Breathe Like The Ice Man
This method of breathing helps heat up the body, strengthens the immune system, reduces inflammation, and shifts the brain from sympathetic dominance (fight or flight mode) into parasympathetic dominance, or relaxation.
Art Basel Concert Series: The Sound of Unity
For us at Habitas, South Beach is the perfect backdrop for any cultural gathering. Which is why we partnered with the Faena Festival to host a performance by Habitas founder and musician Eduardo Castillo and his musical collective, Mardeleva.
Thought-provoking Installations from Art Basel
Putting Plastic in its Place
Our Members: David Hertz
You may have seen his work on Netflix’s ‘World’s Most Extraordinary Homes’, where he de-commissioned a Boeing 747 to build an out-of-this-world sustainable home in the hills of Malibu, California.
Namibia’s Way
I remember paddling for my first wave in Swakopmund, Namibia. The water was a little colder than I’d expected, but that wasn’t the biggest surprise. What was truly jarring, so much so that I felt short of breath, was that I was totally alone in the ocean. Dozens of peeling left-handers rolled in, with no one to ride them but me. Seagulls wheeled overhead and three locals stood clustered on a nearby boardwalk, but I had the lineup to myself.
From Black Rock City to Nakivale Uganda
Erica Matluck: At the Intersection of Health and Culture
HABITAS Member Series | Dr. Erica Matluck is far from your average doctor. I see her coming out of the elevator wearing a gorgeous Mexican dress, embroidered with flowers, full length. Her blonde locks fall just below her shoulders, and she smiles with a conviction and kindness that immediately invites you in. But this is not why she's far from average. At the ripe age of 18, Erica would spend her weekends learning about reiki energy and searching for meaning beyond what the eye can see.