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Art With Me: The Legacy of HABITAS
I’ve come to Tulum for my birthday, and I’ve come alone.  The occasion is Tulum’s first art and culture festival, Art With Me. I’m only alone in theory because I’m going to be with the HABITAS crew, which means family I just haven’t met yet.
RY X: An Itinerant Existence Fueled by Music
Chasing Light and Inspiration in Bali
Chasing light from Rio to Australia, Bali, India, Hawaii. Catapulting out into the world with enormous curiosity and sense of adventure. Looking for that moment where everything suddenly fits together and you capture the unique essence of life in a way only you can do. That’s the life of travel photographer Rafael Moura.
Awake to Dream: A Weekend in Esalen
Founded by Michael Murphy and Dick Price, The Esalen Institute in Big Sur has been a driving force in the shaping and exploration of culture and consciousness since 1962.
A New Count On Wellness
“You can’t live your purpose of freedom if you continue to confine who you are. You have to find a new way to count what matters.”
The Thirst Project by Patrick Kolts
Thirst Project is a clean water initiative that focuses on motivating youth to be a part of making strides to eliminate the global water crisis. Their mission is to build a socially-conscious generation of young people who can end the global water crisis.
Habitas Rise: Helping Build Cities of the Future
Our team at Habitas Rise has just returned from a week-long visit to the Nakivale refugee settlement in Uganda, where 170,000 refugees currently reside.
Mind over Matter: Practicing Buddhism in Advertising
At first glance, Buddhism and Advertising seem to rub each other the wrong way. But Buddhism itself is a tightrope act of opposites.
Light Trip in Tanzania
Viviane Sassen studied fashion at the School of Arts in Arnhem, Holland, for two years before turning to photography. Today, Sassen travels extensively in Africa for her personal work and is currently working on a new series entitled Moshi, for which she photographed people from the town of the same name at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro during a period of several months while living there.
When Music Leads The Way
The first time I walked into a HABITAS experience I felt like a child, seeing everything with fresh eyes. It was one of those moments when you know you are about to do something for the first time ever, and it’s a feeling we often don’t get enough of in our busy lives.
A Silent Revolution in Your Ear
How Stravinsky, Draws Attention to Music Both in the Past and Present
Tulum: Connected to the Rhythms of the Earth
A casual Google image search reveals the obvious draw of Tulum – warm cerulean waves hitting sweeping beaches under cloudless skies, as warm breezes blow in off the Caribbean and gently rustle the palm trees on the shore.
Sri Lanka: Come on in and Have a Seat
Some places are nothing and everything like you thought they would be. When I stepped off my plane in Sri Lanka, a gentleman waved confidently at me, holding a placard that said Miss Jade. He already knew who I was, even though we had never met.