Every journey is a story worth sharing. Our stories define us, inspire us, and unite us. Through storytelling, we create new opportunities for conversation, connection, and change.
Return To Havana
Cuba was a romantic image in my mind. It is the place my grandparents grew up, and I wanted to go to connect with my Cuban roots—a part of me that always felt like a big question mark.
Igniting Deeper Human Connection in Uganda
Amidst the humid madness that is Art Basel, Miami’s Cadillac Hotel was transformed for one evening into an intimate respite. Over forty members of Habitas assembled to take in live painting, music, and spark conversation. They gathered for one common purpose: Habitas RISE.
The Sounds of Bali: Music in Technicolor
In Bali, where ceremony is a pillar of cultural life, gamelan is its most steadfast, beating heart.
Namibia’s Way
I remember paddling for my first wave in Swakopmund, Namibia. The water was a little colder than I’d expected, but that wasn’t the biggest surprise. What was truly jarring, so much so that I felt short of breath, was that I was totally alone in the ocean. Dozens of peeling left-handers rolled in, with no one to ride them but me. Seagulls wheeled overhead and three locals stood clustered on a nearby boardwalk, but I had the lineup to myself.
Chasing Light and Inspiration in Bali
Chasing light from Rio to Australia, Bali, India, Hawaii. Catapulting out into the world with enormous curiosity and sense of adventure. Looking for that moment where everything suddenly fits together and you capture the unique essence of life in a way only you can do. That’s the life of travel photographer Rafael Moura.
Tulum: Connected to the Rhythms of the Earth
A casual Google image search reveals the obvious draw of Tulum – warm cerulean waves hitting sweeping beaches under cloudless skies, as warm breezes blow in off the Caribbean and gently rustle the palm trees on the shore.
Sri Lanka: Come on in and Have a Seat
Some places are nothing and everything like you thought they would be. When I stepped off my plane in Sri Lanka, a gentleman waved confidently at me, holding a placard that said Miss Jade. He already knew who I was, even though we had never met.
A Look Inside Oman’s Unexplored Terrains
One of the most isolated Arab states, Oman remains one of the least explored and least discussed countries in the Middle East.
The Secret Sound of Plants
Recollection – that day you went for a walk in the forest, smelling the scent of summer and feeling the breeze blow on your cheek, your eyes embracing all the greenery surrounding you. You notice the slightest movement of every leaf as you continue to follow your path onto an open field where an ocean of tall grasses undulate like a wave pattern… so you sit to relax and take it all in. The sun dilates your pupils as your hearing becomes more acute, the seduction of sounds attunes your whole being, and your breath syncopates with the wind as you listen to the orchestra of nature, every blade of grass vibrating in a sea of tranquility. All your senses resonating in this very moment.
The Art of Slow Travel
More than a speed, slow is a mood for me. My favorite indulgences are best enjoyed when accompanied by a lack of haste. Slow feels luxurious. Yet, this overly innocent word doesn’t have such admiring connotations. Look up slow in the thesaurus and you’ll get more sluggish synonyms than appreciative ones. Western culture idolizes speed and efficiency, and we are all used to everything being fast, from wifi to our own rhythm. I used to be a competent time machine, packing everything into my day and getting retroactive pleasure in realizing the time I’d saved. I don’t think I ever found a worthwhile way to allocate those reserves. Like a hoarder who accumulates things for a hypothetical future use, saved time is an impractical mental glitch. But savored time is different… enjoying an experience in the moment, without hurry.