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Our Home in the Wild

Habitas Namibia is our home in Africa and a conservation project set in over 50,000 hectares of nature and wildlife. Join us on an unforgettable adventure to explore, learn and discover the unique wildlife, nature and culture of Namibia.


Along the Road to Namibia

Author: D. Lobsang

“No map, no magazine, no issue of National Geographic could ever convey the mystique of Namibia.”

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Habitas Rise aims to preserve local culture and wildlife through education and employment opportunities, wildlife conservation and sustainable practices.

Our Local Initiatives

Our mission is to preserve and protect those who were here before us.

  • Habitas RISE aims to support Namibia’s communities by empowering locals through job opportunities and hospitality training in partnership with Saira Hospitality. Habitas and Saira have partnered to employ locals, recruiting 70 people for hospitality training and hired 14 people to work full time.

  • We are surrounded by diverse natural habitats and hundreds of rare species of wildlife such as rhinos, zebras, wildebeest and more.