Oliver Ripley

Oliver Ripley is an international entrepreneur born in the United Kingdom. Fluent in six languages, he received his education from Eton College and Oxford University. Mr. Ripley co-founded multiple enterprises in the field of technology, real estate and private aviation. He is known as the co-founder and CEO of Ocean Group, a private holding company committed to building businesses in high-growth industries, and its private equity division, Kronos Capital. Mr. Ripley is responsible for Ocean Group’s real estate portfolio in Europe and Russia. He has helped develop the group’s agricultural business in Southern Russia, transforming Ocean Sky into one of Europe’s biggest private jet companies, owning airport terminals across the UK, Italy and Spain. Oliver has also co-founded Black Ocean, a digital media company that invests in, builds and operates technology businesses around the world, making a positive impact across the media, e-commerce and online industries. In his role as CEO, Oliver Ripley has adopted a hands-on approach to ensure the success of the enterprises Black Ocean has invested in. He is also overseeing Black Ocean’s strategy and international expansion, spending his time between the company’s offices in Luxemburg, New York and Moscow. 

As the co-founder and CEO of Habitas, Mr. Ripley’s main goal is to unite people who share the same interests in music, art and food. Known as one of the world’s most disruptive hospitality groups, Habitas seeks to provide customers with globally curated experiences that focus on wellness and cultural exploration. Oliver Ripley’s mission with Habitas is to change people’s lives by creating deeper human connections, prioritizing experiences over material possessions. Founded in 2014, the company has been built to activate a global membership program that offers premium accommodation in the cities where people live, work and travel to for fun. 

Oliver Ripley is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also an avid philanthropist. Ambitious to change the way people experience new destinations, he founded Habitas Rise, the charity and impact arm of Habitas. Habitas Rise has been established to address people’s need to feel connected and as a part of a wider community. Through this foundation, Oliver is aiming to introduce new, alternative models of aid, identifying communities that are negatively affected by social and political challenges and setting up better cultural infrastructures. Habitas Rise represents Mr. Ripley’s determination to change not only the travel industry, but the world of philanthropy, by focusing on cultural empowerment within smaller, disadvantaged communities.