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Habitas Rise: Helping Build Cities of the Future
Our team at Habitas Rise has just returned from a week-long visit to the Nakivale refugee settlement in Uganda, where 170,000 refugees currently reside.
Mind over Matter: Practicing Buddhism in Advertising
At first glance, Buddhism and Advertising seem to rub each other the wrong way. But Buddhism itself is a tightrope act of opposites.
Light Trip in Tanzania
Viviane Sassen studied fashion at the School of Arts in Arnhem, Holland, for two years before turning to photography. Today, Sassen travels extensively in Africa for her personal work and is currently working on a new series entitled Moshi, for which she photographed people from the town of the same name at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro during a period of several months while living there.
When Music Leads The Way
The first time I walked into a HABITAS experience I felt like a child, seeing everything with fresh eyes. It was one of those moments when you know you are about to do something for the first time ever, and it’s a feeling we often don’t get enough of in our busy lives.
A Silent Revolution in Your Ear
How Stravinsky, Draws Attention to Music Both in the Past and Present
Tulum: Connected to the Rhythms of the Earth
A casual Google image search reveals the obvious draw of Tulum – warm cerulean waves hitting sweeping beaches under cloudless skies, as warm breezes blow in off the Caribbean and gently rustle the palm trees on the shore.
Sri Lanka: Come on in and Have a Seat
Some places are nothing and everything like you thought they would be. When I stepped off my plane in Sri Lanka, a gentleman waved confidently at me, holding a placard that said Miss Jade. He already knew who I was, even though we had never met.
How Culture Hacking Can Change the World
A refusal to sit still and watch the problem’s of the world go unsolved. A desire to reimagine and redesign realities, to disrupt stagnant patterns. Mike Zuckerman, a self-described culture hacker and urban development specialist, seems to have an innate ability to see around obstacles or perhaps, even use them as stepping stones for creative solutions — in community, civic innovation, and humanitarianism.
A Look Inside Oman’s Unexplored Terrains
One of the most isolated Arab states, Oman remains one of the least explored and least discussed countries in the Middle East.
Magical Beings in Digital Art
In Italian folklore, “fate” are magical beings who disguise themselves as humans to play dangerous tricks on people. This mythology inspires the work ofFate Troppo Belle(Alina Akhmatova), a digital artist based in Milan. Using nature imagery, the human form, and unusual objects, she creates these modern tricksters, often hybridized with animals and framed by dreamy natural backdrops. Fate Troppo Belle says that her work is largely aesthetic, left up to the viewer’s interpretation.
Brooke Holm: Mineral Matter
Australian photographer Brooke Holm’s second solo exhibition, Mineral Matter marks the premier of a highly anticipated body of work depicting Iceland’s dynamic landscape.
The Secret Sound of Plants
Recollection – that day you went for a walk in the forest, smelling the scent of summer and feeling the breeze blow on your cheek, your eyes embracing all the greenery surrounding you. You notice the slightest movement of every leaf as you continue to follow your path onto an open field where an ocean of tall grasses undulate like a wave pattern… so you sit to relax and take it all in. The sun dilates your pupils as your hearing becomes more acute, the seduction of sounds attunes your whole being, and your breath syncopates with the wind as you listen to the orchestra of nature, every blade of grass vibrating in a sea of tranquility. All your senses resonating in this very moment.
Christian Lamb: Life Through a Different Prism
Bob Marley. Fleetwood Mac. Queen. There aren’t many who can say hanging out with these legends constitutes their earliest childhood memories. Christian Lamb can. His father was a tour production manager, and started taking him on the road as a baby. “Once I got older, I realized this was a highly unusual childhood. But as a kid I didn’t know anything different. I still have the tour programs, autographed.”