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The Art of Slow Travel
More than a speed, slow is a mood for me. My favorite indulgences are best enjoyed when accompanied by a lack of haste. Slow feels luxurious. Yet, this overly innocent word doesn’t have such admiring connotations. Look up slow in the thesaurus and you’ll get more sluggish synonyms than appreciative ones. Western culture idolizes speed and efficiency, and we are all used to everything being fast, from wifi to our own rhythm. I used to be a competent time machine, packing everything into my day and getting retroactive pleasure in realizing the time I’d saved. I don’t think I ever found a worthwhile way to allocate those reserves. Like a hoarder who accumulates things for a hypothetical future use, saved time is an impractical mental glitch. But savored time is different… enjoying an experience in the moment, without hurry.