A Look Back at Reintegration

By Sophia Perlstein
Oct 11, 2019

On September 26th, we placed our trust on the pulse of the unknown. We embarked on a journey as one, navigating the ebb and flow of vulnerability with an open mind. We allowed ourselves to indulge in the present, guided by spiritual healer Bobby Klein. Surrendering fear and embracing surprise, we tested the limits of human connection. During our three-day celebration of self, we discovered that when we return to the source of our power, true freedom awaits on the other side. 

We focused on healing both on and off-site. Breathwork sessions were led by Bobby Klein on our mezzanine deck while Rodolfo took us deep into the cavernous cenotes of the Yucatan. There, we connected to ourselves, surrounded by the ancient wisdom of Mayan traditions. During our Circulo Toh, Maria Elena shared the transformative powers of Mayan clay, gently applying it to our bodies before immersing ourselves in the Caribbean sea. During Friday night’s four-hour temazcal, we were reminded of our physical power, releasing what was to make room for what is yet to come. 

Chef Horacio fueled our minds with local ingredients and exotic flavors. Our palettes danced to the rhythm of locally sourced seafood and open-fire cooking. We bid farewell to our time at Habitas blissfully swaying to the melodic frequencies of Bogdan and Camilo. Beneath a starlit sky, we came home to ourselves. 

As we look back at Habitas | Reintegration, we are filled with overwhelming gratitude. While we may not be able to relive these moments again, we can ignite our child-like sense of wonder with a trip down memory lane.