Our Members: Megan Sullivan

By Casey Dienel
Apr 25, 2019

Director and Habitas-member Megan Sullivan is the definition of the modern nomad. Anywhere she trains her focus she sees a story in need of telling, and it’s clear in speaking with her that passion and curiosity define far more than her work; they are the driving force of her life. Using innovative techniques, her films draw viewers directly into the perspective of each subject and most miraculously, have a way of making us feel not only like we’re right there in person, but that their experience is now one we share. 

After starting out in commercial film, Megan’s work has led to storytelling partnerships with brands like Apple, Samsung, and lululemon. Frequently, her creativity inspires her to capture personal experiences, such as traveling to the seven wonders of the world in thirteen days or trekking up Everest with only her camera, a notebook, and a sherpa. 

Most recently, Megan partnered with Google and UN Women to create A Courage To Question to honor International Women’s Day. In this four-part virtuality reality series, we follow the lives of Alice Marie Johnson, Asha Kowtal, Lydia Cacho and Chief Kachindamoto who fearlessly risked it all to better the future of women worldwide. Individually, these activists are working to fight human trafficking, mass incarceration, sexual violence, and child marriage. Megan shot each film in VR180 to  shed light on some of the most important work being done on the ground to bring greater equality to women everywhere.

1. What inspires you to wake up every morning?


2. Describe your current state of mind.

Finding happiness within the power of saying "no."

3. What qualities do you admire most in a person?

Honesty and truth. 

4. You're hosting a dinner party. Which 3 people will you invite and what's on the menu?

My partner and best friends, Katie and Kelly. I’m serving tacos, guac, and mezcal. 

5. What life event has had the most profound impact on who you are today?

My first real heartbreak in my early 30’s. It knocked me on my ass while punching my ego in the face. Dealing with past loss, cancer, and even traumatic events in my life, inspired me to be a better person while living life to its fullest— you know, YOLO and shit. Dealing with the loss of something that was deeply personal and completely out of my control, all while feeling as though it was my own making, humbled me beyond belief. It gave me pause for sympathy and empathy amongst those I use to playact towards while not fully understanding the hurt and pain they were going through. It took me over two years to feel whole again, but I wouldn't change that life event for anything. 

6. You've booked a one-way ticket. Where are you going? 


7. If you could pursue any profession outside your own, what would it be?

Race-car driver.

8. Name three items in your fridge right now.

Sriracha, mezcal, and ice.  

9. What's your life's motto?

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it. - Ferris Bueller

10. What advice would you give to your younger self if you could travel back in time?

Wear sunscreen.

Header Image by: Alberto Vasari