Our Members: David Hertz

By Brenna Cunningham
Dec 3, 2018

You may have seen his work on Netflix’s ‘World’s Most Extraordinary Homes’, where he de-commissioned a Boeing 747 to build an out-of-this-world sustainable home in the hills of Malibu, California.

Habitas member and Southern California native David Hertz is an innovator, architect and surfer whose inspiration for sustainability comes from spending countless hours catching waves in the ocean. Aside from being the founder of the Studio for Environmental Architecture, Hertz is on the forefront of solving the world’s water crisis. In 2016, David launched Skysource Water, an X Prize award-winning company with solutions that turn condensed air into water using renewable energy.

This month, we had the chance to get to know how David lives inspired…

What or who inspires you the most? Nature

What is your idea of happiness? Breathing

What is your present state of mind? Thankful

What is the most important thing you discovered or learned this year? How to tame fire and make water out of it

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Getting a second chance

What life event has had the most profound impact on who you are today? Meeting my wife

What are the top 3 places you want to visit? India, inside any wave, eternal bliss

What initiative or cause do you support most? Water scarcity and water quality issues globally

If you weren't running SkySource Water what profession would you dedicate yourself to? Decarbonization

What is your motto? Indomitable spirit

Photography By: Laura Doss