We are inspired by the natural world that surrounds us; it is the power source for human connection. By immersing ourselves in nature, we immerse ourselves in the present moment. As we look to the future of travel, we believe in providing solutions that create healthier sustainable habits and habitats. Our design is informed by each of our unique locations and our homes are built with sustainably sourced materials that have minimal impact on the environment. 

With discovery of rare places of natural beauty comes great responsibility. Our purpose is to protect our home, the earth, through immersive spaces that deepen our awareness. We seek to educate and inspire, while holding transparency in high regard. 


At Habitas, our construction methodology minimizes our environmental impact. This allows us to activate some of the most unique locations in the world while protecting mother nature. We design modular structures for our rooms, choosing sustainable materials and re-planting trees, for efficient assembly that does not require concrete or the need for traditional equipment or heavy construction. We design our structures to allow us to build in an efficient way without compromising design integrity and guest experience.

Sustainability is at the forefront of our entire process, from our supply chain down to operations. In our procurement, we use the most sustainable methodology of wood-sourcing, which avoids sourcing wood from mature trees and only uses young wood sourced from forests that are harvested every 3-5 years. We then process and compact the wood, ensuring structural strength, stability and durability. Throughout our entire supply chain, we are an entirely single-use plastic-free operation. Throughout our restaurant operation, food is sourced locally and seasonally and food waste is properly managed and disposed of.

Our design philosophy is simple: we let nature speak for itself.


In November of 2018, we partnered with The Oceanic Global Foundation to engage new audiences in ocean conservation. We hosted The Oceanic Standard launch at Habitas Tulum, where we tapped into universal passions to raise awareness for issues impacting our oceans and to provide individual and industry solutions that drive positive change.  

The Oceanic Standard is an easy step-by-step guide to adopt sustainable practices that empower consumers and users to make conscious choices while meeting both business and environmental needs. We have also been awarded the Ocean Championship Badge by the Oceanic Global Foundation for adopting a holistic approach to sustainable operating practices with a strong focus on eliminating single-use plastics. 

Learn more about our sustainable Tulum guide here

Adopt the Oceanic Standard


Our Habitas Concert Series is one of the many mediums we use to spread this message. Alongside our Mar | Tierra foundation, the donations collected from each event directly fund our Plastic Hunter’s initiative. Created and launched by our co-founder Eduardo Castillo & Olmo Torres in 2018, receptors are located at strategic locations on-site and in Tulum town with the goal of putting plastic in its place and educating the local community on plastic consumption. 

Containers are strategically placed in locations that generate a large amount of plastic use, such as public squares and sport centers. These locations allow for greater exposure and awareness on sustainable issues, including waste management topics. SMEC, an organization based in the Riviera Maya, collects the recycled plastic from all containers placed around Tulum town and its surrounding areas, where it is up-cycled and repurposed for new use. The goal is to create twelve “puntos limpios” throughout Tulum, using these spaces to create a deeper sense of community among our neighbors.