Our Sustainable Design Practices

At Habitas, our construction methodology minimizes our environmental impact. This allows us to activate some of the most unique locations in the world while protecting mother nature. We design modular structures for our rooms, choosing sustainable materials and re-planting trees, for efficient assembly that does not require concrete or the need for traditional equipment or heavy construction. We design our structures to allow us to build in an efficient way without compromising design integrity and guest experience.

Sustainability is at the forefront of our entire process, from our supply chain down to operations. In our procurement, we use the most sustainable methodology of wood-sourcing, which avoids sourcing wood from mature trees and only uses young wood sourced from forests that are harvested every 3-5 years. We then process and compact the wood, ensuring structural strength, stability and durability. In addition to sustainable sourcing, our entire property is run on solar energy and recycled water. We do not generate any waste water through our operations, as we have access to an aquifer which treats water through an artificial wetland system, cycling back into irrigation and returning back to the land after it's been treated.

Throughout our entire supply chain, we are an entirely single-use plastic-free operation. Throughout our restaurant operation, food is sourced locally and seasonally and food waste is properly managed and disposed of.

Our design philosophy is simple: we let nature speak for itself.