Plastic Hunters Tulum

Our Habitas Concert Series is one of the many mediums we use to spread this message. Alongside our Mar | Tierra foundation, the donations collected from each event directly fund our Plastic Hunter’s initiative. Created and launched by our co-founder Eduardo Castillo & Olmo Torres in 2018, receptors are located at strategic locations on-site and in Tulum town with the goal of putting plastic in its place and educating the local community on plastic consumption. 

Containers are strategically placed in locations that generate a large amount of plastic use, such as public squares and sport centers. These locations allow for greater exposure and awareness on sustainable issues, including waste management topics. SMEC, an organization based in the Riviera Maya, collects the recycled plastic from all containers placed around Tulum town and its surrounding areas, where it is up-cycled and repurposed for new use. 

On May 15th, the Puntos Limpios Program (clean locations) was launched at Sendero Verde, a once unsafe entry into the Villas neighborhood of Tulum, transformed through community efforts into an environmental focal point. Where our receptors once collected plastic, new containers will collect other recyclable materials such as cardboard, aluminum cans, tetra pack and glass. As infrastructure and capacity building grows, we are excited to welcome La Fundación de Mujeres de Tulum, Centro Comunitario La Ceiba Tulum and BioHogar to the  expanding efforts.

The goal is to create twelve “puntos limpios” throughout Tulum, using these spaces to create a deeper sense of community among our neighbors. In addition to the recollection of recyclable materials, each space will host workshops and cultural programming for adults and children over a one-month period.